Coleen is still unconscious on the floor.

There were four pieces of furniture in the room.

You may go if you wish, it's up to you.

Honzo put the screws in a small plastic bag.

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Did Don stay long?


I was playing the violin.

She makes up in public.

Mosur alerted the authorities.

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I want to speak with her now.


I could barely contain my indignation at her impudence.

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She's a student.


Whenever I have a question, I just Google it.


Jussi seems to be wealthy.

How about a kiss?

Almost all implementations of virtual memory divide the virtual address space of an application program into pages; a page is a block of contiguous virtual memory addresses.


Let's go back to Australia.

Did you notice any suspicious places?

It's a big city.

I just don't like getting left behind.

This coffee tastes burnt.

Hugh's a farther of three.

I love French coffee.

She told me that she had bigger fish to fry.

Plastic declined the invitation.


How do you know they came here?

Lead the way.

Don't make me do it.

Philip is more handsome than you are.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Are you sure you don't want me to stay?

Is this the Vladislav you're always talking about?


It's a driverless car.


Ozan is worried about the result.

Scientists have learned that, throughout Earth's history, temperature and CO2 levels in the air are closely tied.

I was completely bewildered by his sudden change of mood.

What I really want to hear about is Irfan's new girlfriend.

Especially during winter, Debi appreciated the weatherstripping material that Kriton had installed to prevent doorway draughts.

That can be said of mankind at large.

Dewey is going to need one of these.

The sun baked the ground dry.

She lost her favorite sweatshirt.


It worked perfectly the first time.


How do we find out what we need to know?


Bruno liked what he was doing.

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Leaders are trying to do away with impediments to economic growth.

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I don't think Kikki is capable of that.

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Do you mind if we have a look around?

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What were you doing then?

I played here last week.

We're being attacked by mosquitos.


I work on Mondays.

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I wouldn't want to work in a hospital.

Sandy says he has a plan.

A sale of quality-brand goods is being held at that department.

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I need to hire a maid.

"We need to know if you need a front wing." "I can't see the damage, I don't know." "Jenson, tell me if you need a front wing." "I don't know! Check the car when I come past." "Roger that... It looks okay, it looks okay. Yeah, the front wing is fine."

Dan was riding in the back seat.


If you spend too much time worrying, you'll never get anything done.

I wrote to Emil.

Conrad certainly doesn't seem to know what he's doing.

Would you excuse us for a minute, please?

Don't be too hard on me, please.

Stanly isn't Vishal's father, but her uncle.

I thought it was pretty scary.


He who doesn't avenge is a son of a donkey.


I think Stewart is trying to say something.

We will learn the parts of the body in French.

That's not surprising.

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Modern people cannot do without cars.


It is said that Caligula made love to his own sister.

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It was so embarrassing.

I don't sew their clothes.

A great deal of energy is locked up in the nucleus.


You're the light of my eyes ... and crown of my head.

Does Agatha suspect anything?

Mr Green is anything but a good teacher.

I'm going to write a sentence in German.

Just let me talk to Murthy.


Bring her in here.


I know it's there somewhere.

I would really like to know why he did something like that.

Ninja is waiting in your office.

What did you expect Mayo to say?

She decided to resign.

He has a sister and she goes to school, too.

Double-click the icon.


Please help me find a job.

I saw you-know-who at the market today.

I didn't know Marvin lived in Boston.


Shyam is better off than he was.

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I would like to know more about the technology which was used in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

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I heard that Arthur asked you to help him wash his car.

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I found out that the opposing counsel is planning on deposing three expert witnesses.


I know better than to do a thing like that.


I wish I hadn't cried.

Quit smoking if you don't want to die early.

Today is McRib Friday.


They won't let him escape.

He put his things down and left.

Don't ever lie to me again.

If you want me to show Jean-Pierre, I'll show him.

Heinz sat beside me in church.

And this is the record of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, Who art thou?

They are still looking for the criminal.


The violets adorn my kitchen windows.

Don't get angry with them.

I hear you're from Boston.

Give me a different example.

Musicians are usually sensitive to criticism.

My cat is running around the room.

Louis might not realize how valuable that painting is.

She has an abundant supply of seeds to plant in the spring.

It's me, Marika, your wife.

Let's see what Major is up to.

I have a tattoo.

I like your place.

It is clear that he pretended to be ill.

Mr Smith proposed marriage to Jane.

Call me at six-thirty, please.

Carlo wondered if Lynn really loved him.

He can run fast.

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This is a good handbook.

People change. There's not much you can do about it.

It would be a great convenience if English were to become everybody's major language.


Fill out the form.


We shall be pleased to comply with your request.

Men's and women's hats for sale.

You pay for convenience.

Owls hunt at night.

I asked Shawn not to tell my parents what had happened.

Ed drank out of my cup.

Bring backup.

I'm mad at myself for following Kyle's stupid advice.

I can't concentrate while you're here.


I would love to go shopping.

In haste, he left the door open.

The way he looked at me gave me a bad feeling.

Pete asked Phillip for advice.

All of the boys were wearing gloves.

Father got to his office on time.

Hello, may I speak to Rich?

Why are men so stupid?

Everything is perfect because you exist.

All the doors are locked.

Geoff is busy now and can't speak to you.

She had only recently ended her convalescence.

He could only wait to see it with his own eyes.


Sometimes I make mistakes.


You're going to get me in trouble!

In Japan people come of age when they are 20 years old.

Do they not know other diseases?


What did you do last weekend?


She has a sense of fashion.